EndoC-BH1 Human Beta Cells for HTS and Diabetes Drug Discovery

In the most comprehensive independent evaluation of the human beta cell line EndoC-βH1 conducted to date, a publication co-authored by lead pharmacologists and drug development experts at Novo Nordisk revealed EndoC-βH1 to be a very valuable and highly relevant tool for studying Diabetes. (more…)

Univercell-Biosolutions launches center of expertise with industrial and standardized approach to hiPSc cell line production

The center of expertise offers quality control and process management applied to a large panel of standardized products based on the Pluri-one® platform (more…)

Acquisition of iPS Cell Patent license from iPS Academia Japan

Non-exclusive worldwide licence will enable Univercell-Biosolutions to produce human cardiomyocytes for efficacy and toxicology testing (more…)