Using MESOPURE®, Univercell-Biosolutions has developed processes yielding pure populations of mature iPS-derived human endothelial cells with the capacity to form vessel-like structures in vitro. These cells are an ideal in vitro model system for targeted vascular drug discovery.

CD 15+ cells after selection
ED-ONE® human endothelial cells

ED-ONE® Endothelial cells: product specifications
Cell Type Endothelium
Organism Human
Origin Human iPS cell lines
Endothelial biomarkers CD31, CD34, VE cadherin, KDR
Quantity 24 or 96 well plates
Shipped Freshly or frozen
Storage Frozen
Viability Up to 2 weeks in culture

Advantages : maximization and preservation of the predictability

  • Human cells
  • Endothelium derived human iPS cell line
  • Ready to use
  • Highly homogeneous and pure
  • Maturity level close to adult human endothelium cells
  • Physiologic Sort out method


  • Cell proliferation
  • Cell permeability
  • Tubular formation

References: Publications

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