Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) can be reprogrammed from several somatic cells types and represent extraordinary resources to differentiate into any cell type. Univercell-Biosolutions combines its deep expertise in cell production and industrialization with cellular reprogramming and differentiation, creating a radically new paradigm in drug discovery based on patient-derived iPS cells.

Quality control represents key components within the development of reproducible processes. Univercell-Biosolutions ® has precisely focused its efforts on developing robust QUALITY CONTROL tests which is the only way to certify a batch-to-batch high reproducibility and process stability. Based on our in-house expertise within cell production scale up and clinics, we have produced high-standard products and robust processes with a fast and a fully standardized approach.

Univercell-Biosolutions propose that our customers take advantage of our Center of expertise:

  1. Pluri-one® is a portfolio of standardized hiPS which has been specifically developed to integrate end user requirement and the differentiation potential of iPSC
  2. Pluri-one® Custom is a tailor made solution for taking advantage of our industrial hiPSC platform for reprogramming and banking from your own selected sample,
  3. Population of patients’ identification and sampling: We have access to samples of specific population of patients displaying specific familial conditions
  4. Services: Our services include cell reprogramming, production, validation, banking services and management, fibroblasts validation…
  5. Technology transfer: Univercell-Biosolutions provides implementation of hiPSc platforms, staff training and stabilization of protocols where necessary and ensures that Quality Standards are kept in top form