Center of Expertise

Bridging the gap between hiPSC reprogramming and differentiation

Reprogramming somatic cells from specific populations of patients opens new avenues for fundamental development and industrial research. This will provide extraordinary access to totally innovative cell models for the exploration of new therapeutic areas. Since 2010, Univercell-Biosolutions has developed a Center of expertise completely dedicated to hipsc reprogramming and hipsc amplification and production. With our in-house experts, we aim to produce high-standard products and cell models with a fast and a fully standardized approach. Univercell-Biosolutions has developed a proprietary industrialized platform and processes, validated under strict quality control tests which certify a batch to batch high reproducibility.

Our main expertise include:

  • Management, qualification and  fibroblasts validation
  • Human sample management and banking
  • Fibroblasts reprogramming
  • hips qualification and stabilization,
  • Industrial hiPs production following a standardized process
  • Pluripotency validation
  • hiPSc banking

Univercell-Biosolutions proposes a large panel of solutions to provide our customers with cultivated iPSC adapted to their in-house specific needs and to respect perfectly to customers own objectives:

  1. Pluri-one® Custom: Take advantage of our industrial hiPSC platform for reprogramming and banking. Univercell-Biosolutions derives iPSCs from human samples provided by the client,
  2. Population of patients’ identification and sampling: Univercell-Biosolutions’ integrated team, works with a number of clinicians, academics and industry leaders to have access to sample of specific population of patients displaying specific familial conditions.
  3. Services: If you want to gain time or to use external capacity using a fully integrated platform which is able to certify high standard quality standard using its internal quality control is feasible. It includes cell reprogramming, production, validation, banking services and management, fibroblasts validation…
  4. Technology transfer: If you want us to transfer our expertise and technology platform, Univercell-Biosolutions is able to provide Technology Transfer and thus, assist you with the implementation of an in-house platform. Quality Control assets, ensuring that, as a center of expertise, Univercell-Biosolutions provides clients with the flexibility required. Depending on clientele needs, Univercell-Biosolutions provides staff training and stabilization of protocols where necessary.



Univercell-Biosolutions general production process ensures quality control meets industrial requirements in terms of reproducibility, scale-up and stability.