MESOPURE®: An original approach aimed at bridging the gap between preclinical and clinical development

While most existing protocols are based on the results of fundamental research, Univercell-Biosolutions’ scientific innovation has been clinically oriented from the outset. This original approach beneficiates of skills required for a clinical application which today represents key advantages for in vitro applications.

Univercell-Biosolutions’ world-leading MESOPURE® technology yields >99% pure cardiovascular progenitors suitable for producing enriched populations of human cardiomyocytes  and endothelial cells.

Univercell-Biosolutions uses MESOPURE® technology to develop iPS cell-derived human cardiomyocytes (CM-ONE®) and iPS cell-derived human endothelial cells (ED-ONE®) with the homogeneity and maturity required by the pharmaceuticals industry.

From pluripotent stem cells (hES or hiPS) to early cardiovascular progenitor cells

Mesopure® propose a unique  access to millions of  human heart
and endothelial cells to optimize the drug discovery process

Key advantages of MESOPURE® technology:

  • Homogeneity: Sorting method yielding >99% pure cell populations of cardiovascular progenitors
  • Reproducibility: Totally Reproducible and standardized technology
  • Regulatory: GMP compatibility